We are Sisters of Charity of Jesus and Mary, a Congregation founded in the little village of Lovendegem, in the diocese of Gent, Belgium on the 4th November 1803 by Canon Peter Joseph Triest. It is an International Religious Institute of Pontifical Right with its specific mission to reveal that GOD IS LOVE to all especially to the poor and the abandoned.


Our mission as Sisters of Charity of Jesus and Mary is to reveal that GOD IS LOVE, especially to the poor and the abandoned of our time. Impelled by the love of Jesus, we commit ourselves to the mission of promoting the reign of God in our particular society and in the world at large. This mission of revealing that God is love is central to our call.


The SCJM sisters are Contemplatives in Action. Simply put, it is to seek God with an undivided heart which inevitably enables one to reach out to others especially the poor and the less fortunate through various services. Education – both formal and nonformal, including special education for the mentally and physically challenged Healthcare, Care of the elderly, Responding to all types of misery and suffering